Announcing Leaderboard Widget


We are pleased to announce our latest command center widget — the leaderboard. This widget displays top Twitter users based on three criteria: number of retweets within a time window, number of followers and Klout score.



We’ve also enhanced two of our most popular Command Center widgets. First, the Topic Cloud widget display has been enhanced. The Topic Cloud now comes with a slider on the left that allows you to adjust the number of terms you want to display on the topic cloud.

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 11.57.32 AM

Second, the Heat Map widget has been enhanced with two additional filters: Klout and followers count – check it out below.


Contact us to get more or to see a live demo!

MutualMind Raises its IBM Marketplace Game for Real-time Social Intelligence and Visualizations


MutualMind is a social intelligence platform that provides real-time social analytics and full-fidelity visualizations collected, parsed, analyzed, displayed, and reported on from all major social channels, millions of blogs, news forums and review sites. We are an IBM business partner and because our platform runs entirely on the IBM Cloud, we are an IBM customer.

MutualMind is also an IBM approved vendor providing IBM-branded Engagement Centers for large, global conferences and analytics reporting and engagement for marketing automation and demand generation. For example, this year at SxSW, our co-branded IBM Engagement Center was the official social listening engine for the Jimmy Kimmel Live show broadcast from the Long Performing Arts Center in Austin, Texas.

JKL Austin @SxSW

Lastly, as an IBM Watson go-to-market partner, we are accessing the Watson Personality Insights API via IBM’s latest developer portal, IBM Bluemix. Bluemix enables us to integrate these new Watson services along with our own proprietary sentiment analytics and a new rules engine we developed for IBM called Adaptive Listening. The combination of all three delivers a smarter social listening platform for deeper insights with more automation and actionable social engagement than the traditional passive listening, sentiment analytics and reports.

miami dolphins screen shot

We view IBM as a marketplace. In addition to working directly with IBM as a vendor, customer and partner, MutualMind also works with many of IBM’s top Resellers in the world. Today we announced a partnership with Flagship Solutions Group, an IBM Beacon award-winner who is integrating Engagement Centers, along with multiple IBM offerings, for use in large, public stadiums by professional sports teams and other event production companies.

This is a great example of how IBM Cloud technology and our developer ecosystems are fostering innovation resulting in a solution between two IBM Business Partners, Flagship Solutions Group and MutualMind, that will allow for new revenue streams. IBM is creating marketplace collaboration to attract new sports fans and expand social analytics to help gain actionable insights.”
Sandy Carter, General Manager, Ecosystem Development and Social Business Evangelist, IBM.

This is just the beginning. We continue to disrupt the social analytics and visualization space. Let me know if you are interested in joining us.

New Post Details and Power Search Operators


We’re always looking for new and innovative ways to show more data to our customers, and balancing that with new ways to sort through that data to find the exact posts they need. Our latest feature helps with both, and it all starts with one small button. Check out the video below and read through to learn more.

New Post Details and Power Search Operators in MutualMind from MutualMind on Vimeo.

Click on the [i] button for any content item in Insights > Content to see post details (metadata) such as matched topic terms, post type, language, hashtags and @mentions. But there’s more.


Click on any of these terms and Content page will reload with that search term or filter – for instance, clicking on language will show you results filtered for that language.

And that leads to the second, related set of Content enhancement: more powerful search for authors, topics and filtering results by language. Here are some examples that show you the format of three new search operators:

  • author: “@jetblue” — shows you posts by jetblue twitter handle
  • author: “brian lee” — shows you posts by author name “brian lee”, recommended for publishers other than Twitter
  • lang: “es” — posts identified as Spanish language
  • topic:”system outage leaves” — posts matching broad search on topic cloud term ‘system outage leaves’

Here’s a list of standard two-letter language codes.

You can use AND, OR, NOT to further tighten your search, for example:

  • author: “@jetblue” AND topic:”system outage leaves” NOT lang:“es”
  • author:”Patricia” OR author:”@jetblue”

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 9.14.05 AM

We hope that you enjoy these enhancements and we look forward to your feedback.

IBM + MutualMind Power Social Analytics and Visualizations at SxSW 2015


SxSW Interactive 2015 was punctuated with IBM Engagement Centers at multiple locations throughout Austin, Texas including the Long Performing Arts Center for the nightly filming of the Jimmy Kimmel Live show. In addition, Engagement Center displays were set up at the SxSW Expo and several other conference venues including the Hilton, Radisson and W Hotels.


As a side trip, one of the major SxSW Music sponsors reached out and asked for the IBM Engagement Center at their Austin City Limits Music venue. A dozen large display screens were set up for this sponsor at Austin’s famed Moody Theater.

Engagement Centers are used by IBM to help promote social interaction and virtual engagement for live events and conferences. And, customers such as American Airlines and Cinemark use Engagement Centers as a kind of ‘social radar’ to highlight fast-moving customer service or marketing trends for faster response times. The IBM Engagement Center displays real-time, high-definition content and aggregate analytics from all major social channels, millions of blogs and news sites. The entire platform runs on IBM Softlayer and includes an integrated web-based social dashboard for campaign activation, analytics reporting, team collaboration and workflow management.


As MutualMind is an approved IBM vendor, an IBM Softlayer customer and an IBM business partner, I was invited to speak this year at a SxSW panel describing how early-stage tech companies can find success by partnering in the IBM Market Place. The MutualMind team was truly honored and grateful for the opportunity to participate in IBM’s sponsorship at SxSW 2015.