IBM Engagement Center-IBM InterConnect 2015: Bigger, Bolder, On-stage and More Mobile than Ever


Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 9.42.26 AMThe IBM Engagement Center, powered by MutualMind and running entirely on IBM Cloud services injected itself onto the InterConnect 2015 conference mainstream with three high-definition, multi-screen display walls at the largest-ever IBM conference last week in Las Vegas. MutualMind is both an approved vendor for IBM and also an ISV go-to-market business partner with IBM.

The first thing attendees noticed upon arriving to the event at the Mandalay Bay Hotel, was a 21 screen display wall prominently and strategically located directly outside the Conference Social Lounge. The impressive wall provided passers-by with instant views of real-time social mentions, analytics and live video feeds coming from many of the conference presentation venues. A three-dimensional, perspective motion widgetized visualization offered up moderated content showing some of the conference’s best featured Tweets.

The social lounge proved to be the high-traffic meeting place for VIP Bloggers and attendees as expected for those looking for a quick place to meet up with customers, partners and business colleagues. And the IBM Engagement Center was there to help move the social themes along while accurately tracking top influencers and topics each day.

By far, the largest and most impactful display wall was the giant 27 screen Engagement Center at the entrance to the IBM InterConnect Expo. In addition to live social, the IBM Cloud Experience display was supported with a live feed from several conference keynote presentations. Also featuring IBM’s renowned Cloud Services offering, attendees could create their own interactive, Urban Art masterpieces directly from the expo floor. And the works would appear instantly, virtually and via interactive Engagement Center visualization feeds for everyone to enjoy.


IBM’s Social Business Marketing team also had an impressive Engagement Center wall with back-to-back visualization displays on the expo floor showcasing its social campaign theme with Twitter.

Most impactful however, was the on-stage appearances of the IBM Engagement Center during multiple General Sessions including the OGS on Monday morning in the arena theater at the MGM Grand Hotel.

Interconnect engagement center onstage

The lighting show featuring the center-stage, multi-purpose Engagement Center prior to the meeting was nothing short of breathtaking. At various points during the opening segment, the large Engagement Center wall appeared to explode in a sea of multi-colored lighting effects.

Live visualized data and social content danced across the Engagement Center display rocking the audience to the fact that IBM’s transformation for social has not just arrived, but exploded on the big stage. Cudo’s to the Conference Production team for pulling off, not one but three separate General Session experiences for the 21,000+ attendees during the event.



Taking real-time social analytics and visualizations to a whole new level, IBM also unveiled the new IBM Mobile Engagement Center.

Optimized for an improved mobile experience, conference attendees were able to quickly glance at moderated featured mentions and social analytics trends and reply to posted content from their own IOS and Android devices. But, indeed, far more than just a ‘pretty-face’, the IBM Engagement Center supports a fully interactive workbench dashboard with customized analytics reporting and workflow collaboration to enable IBM’s social teams and marketers to ‘listen smarter’ both before and during the event. Deep social analytics, insights and reporting help IBM conference staff to stay on top of key conversations and social topic trends. Engagement Center’s Adaptive Listening-custom developed by MutulMind for IBM-enables users to easily create custom listening rules to ensure top conversations are highlighted and tracked for action.


MutualMind was honored, during InterConnect 2015, to be selected by IBM to serve on the company’s new ISV Partner Advisory Council. During the Council meeting MutualMind was given the opportunity first hand to meet with top IBM Cloud execs to discuss product strategy, go-to-market approaches and much more.

And lastly, Eric Swayne, VP Product and Marketing was featured on a live, #IBMInterConnect video with The Cube discussing MutualMind, the IBM Engagement Center and how Adaptive Listening and many other unique features combine to enable IBM to better serve customers and partners with social.

It has been an honor and a privilege for the MutualMind team to provide nearly three dozen IBM Engagement Centers at IBM global conferences and internal social marketing projects over the past two years. Working with IBM teams around the world and seeing how the company is literally transforming itself demonstrates the leadership IBM is taking with social and how it is impacting nearly every segment of the business.

InterConnect2015 was clearly the largest and best representation so far for the IBM Engagement Center. But, as one IBM Senior Vice President said to me while we were on the floor of the Opening General Session, ‘…get ready, because now we’re gonna take this to the next level’!!

MutualMind Rocks IBM PartnerWorld 2015!


The MutualMind team has just landed back in Dallas from an amazing time at IBM PartnerWorld Leadership Conference in Las Vegas, and they did not return empty handed! The IBM Engagement Center, powered by MutualMind, was front-and-center on lobby screens throughout the conference, and we were proud to be featured on stage with Marc Dupaquier (General Manager Global Business Partners at IBM) and Martin Jetter (Senior Vice President IBM Global Technology Services). Let’s see that on video!


Here’s the Engagement Center in action with Martin, showing a live selfie appearing just seconds after he tweets it:



And here’s Marc showing the Engagement Center during his presentation, and describing its benefits to IBM Partners:



It was an amazing conference for both MutualMind and IBM, but perhaps the cap was getting to connect our President, Eric Gore with IBM CEO, Ginni Rometty.

We’re excited to be a part of the IBM ecosystem, and ready for even bigger and better things from this partnership!

Introducing Adaptive Listening from MutualMind


I think one of the best hallmarks of a great product is when you don’t know how it’s going to be used. Sure, you know some of the basic uses your customers are going to love, but what’s really exciting is a product that’s so powerful and different that it’s going to enable others to do things you haven’t even thought of yet.

That’s how I feel about Adaptive Listening.

We created Adaptive Listening because when we listened to our customers, many of them had these informal rules they followed to get the day-to-day of social listening done. We would hear the teams we work with say things to each other like:

“Hey, if you see anyone tweet about us with a Klout score above 70, just send it to me in an email.”

“Here’s a list of organizations who post about us all the time and it’s always negative – if you see this just mark whatever they say as neutral.”

“Ok, I just got off the phone with this person and finally got his system fixed – if you see a post from him again about us would you just let me know?”

These rules are the hidden glue of Social Business, and they’re usually handled manually by people watching brand streams day after day. They change often, and they can be incredibly hard to faithfully replicate across thousands – even millions – of social posts. Moreover, when it comes to a high-volume event like the Super Bowl or the Oscars, these rules can mean the difference between a lauded social campaign or a lambasted brand.

We realized that these rules were being handled by the wrong agents – people. Your people in your Social Business need to focus not on a set of rules, but on the actual human aspects of social media, by engaging with your fans and followers. Computers, however, are great at following rules, and will do so faithfully every single time.

So we created the ultimate social rules engine. The first and only platform to let anyone on any team set up simple, powerful, and scalable rules to run a Social Business. This isn’t just a force multiplyer – it’s a game changer.

We hope you’re interested in learning more and want to use Adaptive Listening in your business. Give us a shout at info@mutualmind.com to start Listening Smarter.

You too, Jet Blue? What Social Analytics Tells You About Shifts in Brand Loyalty


Just a few years ago, gauging shifts in brand loyalty used to be a difficult and time consuming exercise. Thanks to the digital age, things have changed. Data-driven social insights have made it easy for brands to see the shifts towards brand loyalty. Take the example of Jet Blue. The airline announced earlier this week that there will bag fees and reduced legroom. That led to a barrage of customer reactions, ranging from disbelief to disappointment.

We listened for and analyzed thousands of reactions that were directed towards Jet Blue brand and loyalty. There were hundreds of posts that explicitly mentioned loyalty in a negative way. Below is just one snapshot of such posts, taken from MutualMind Command Center. JetBlue had created a brand that used to be customer oriented. They had also used social to their advantage. With this change, they have upset the very same customer segment. The data speaks for itself.

Follow us on our LinkedIn page to get the full report and see the details of how we got this analysis.

jetblue-loyalty- negative